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Social Media Initiatives: Marketing Fundamentals are the Same, Vehicles are Different

By Mary Ludloff

Whenever you throw a bunch of marketers in a room and say, “let’s talk about doing some social media outreach,” I can guarantee you that there will be an energetic (yelling and gesticulating) conversation with some eye rolling involved. Whenever you throw a bunch of social media experts in a room and say, “Company A does not see the value of their social media programs,” I can guarantee you that there will be an energetic (yelling and gesticulating) conversation with some eye rolling involved. Whenever you throw a bunch of software engineers in a room who have come specifically to talk with you about what you would like to see in a social media analytics tool, I can guarantee you that there will be an energetic (me yelling and gesticulating) conversation with some eye rolling (engineering and product management team) involved.

Why all the storm and dirge? Well, social media has moved from an “interesting fad” to an entrenched channel but the jury is still out on how we marketers are going to “measure success.” A recent Harvard Business Review social media study found the following:

“… nearly two thirds of the participating organizations said that they are either currently using social media channels, or have plans in the works. However, only 12 percent of the companies surveyed said they felt they were effective users of social media. These were the companies most likely to use multiple channels; use metrics for reporting; have a strategy for social media usage; and integrate social media into their overall marketing strategy.” (more…)

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Riding the Data Waterfall

Our new streaming analytics engine.

By Terence Craig

As promised, I am going to spend the next few posts discussing some of the new features in our analytics framework, otherwise known as PAF.  This is our largest and most complex release so far.  We are very proud of it—both in how far the framework has come and how closely it matches our vision of what a world class analytics system would look like when we started the company a few years ago.

One of my favorite features, and certainly the biggest change in this release, is that our analytics engine is now completely streaming based.  I think that this, along with our improved ad-hoc analysis support, is going to improve our customers’ day-to-day to experience with both calculating and using analytics in their businesses.    (more…)

January 26, 2011 at 6:01 pm 11 comments

Speaking at Strata’s “Making Data Work” Conference

By Terence Craig

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at Strata’s big data conference this year. As I mentioned in a previous post, Big Data and Big Analytics has really gained momentum over the last year.  Of course, having a major conference sponsored by the venerable O’Reilly organization is a great sign that the techniques, services, and technologies that make up the Big Data ecosystem are becoming mainstream.

My co-presenter is retail analytics guru extraordinaire Marilyn Craig, who currently runs the World Wide Analytics group for peripheral manufacturer Logitech.  Marilyn was the chief analytics officer at PatternBuilders for several years and made sure that we kept focused on the analytical needs of business users as opposed to techno-fetishism.  It is a philosophy we maintain to this day and our product is better for it. (more…)

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It’s All About the Data

By Terence Craig


A few years ago, we founded PatternBuilders after noticing that those of us in the software business had won the war and had convinced the entire world that capturing every possible transaction in a digital format and automating all their processes was not only a good idea, but a necessary survival skill.  At the same time, however, we almost universally failed in providing ways to do any real analysis on the tons of digital data that were now being captured and available to be used. (more…)

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