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Thoughts on Identity Theft, Government IT, Facebook and Google Plus

By Mary Ludloff

Before I begin, I must admit to being in a very grumpy mood which may (ever so slightly) color the topics in the post title. As you know, Terence and I are not only “work-working” but in our copious amounts of spare time, working on our book (plug fully, absolutely intended). While the book is going well, I must say that it has affected my Zen-like ability to remain calm (I can hear Terence chortling) when others may “lose it.” This leads me (you’ll understand in a minute) to the issue of identity theft. (more…)

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The Tax Man Cometh: A Gentle Reminder About Security

By Mary Ludloff

I have to say that I find it aggravating that my favorite time of the year (spring and March Madness) is also my least favorite: tax season. Now, I will admit that it’s not as bad as it used to be because I pay someone else to prepare my taxes (a great company that I’ve used for about 10 years now) but the simple act of getting together all the forms and then filling out the pertinent information on my tax worksheets is the singular (professional and personal) most hated task of my year. I’m not kidding—worse than any dentist or doctor’s appointment, worse than any looming book deadline (I have to plug our Ebook!), worse than a visceral reaction to any article or blog post that I’ve ever read (and I have been known to go ballistic over some of them).

As I worked through my tax preparing angst this year, I was reminded of something that is second nature to me but may not be second nature to you. (If it’s not, it’s probably because you are not a card-carrying member of the big data and analytics industry or work for a company like PatternBuilders where we spend a great deal of time exploring data privacy and security issues.) Let me explain. We had just completed our contracts for our Ebook on privacy in the age of big data when our publisher, O’Reilly, sent me some tax forms electronically to fill out and return. I promptly emailed their contract administrator and told her my form would be coming via snail mail (remember the postal service?). Why? Well my social security number was one of the required pieces of information and I do not send that number electronically. Ever. (more…)

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